The Mission

I began blogging about presentation design/delivery in 2011. And for the last 8 years I have giving presentations and workshops on presentation design/delivery.  These sessions have taken me around the world.  I have coached and advised many business professionals including many sales professionals.  And all these people believe that their presentation are critical to their success. Yet many of them had almost no training in presentation design or delivery.

My mission is to change that. I am focused on helping you design/deliver interesting, focused, and memorable, “winning” presentations.

Joe Pops - Refuse to be boring

The Back Story

One day in 2007 I walked out of a hospital board room into a busy hallway and stopped dead in my tracks. I had been giving sales presentations in one form or another for over 10 years.  And on that day I realized I had just experienced one of the most boring sales presentations ever. The problem was…I was the presenter! I had bored myself, never mind my poor audience. I knew there had to be a better way.​

Since that day in 2007 I have become a passionate advocate of the “art of the presentation”. I have completely changed my presentation style. I realized that designing and delivering a "winning" presentation was a skill you learned. It was not a magical ability that people had.

Giving an impactful presentation is a skill every business professional needs to master.

What's next?

Step out of the ordinary.